Fruit Master Australia Pty Ltd was setup in September 2011 by Joe Lanteri to consolidate his 45 years of agribusiness experience that established him as one of the largest private and long standing producers of premium quality fresh table grapes in Australia.

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In partnership with Brett Pickering who holds over 30 plus years of experience in export markets, their combined expertise delivered a fully vertically integrated business model that combined owned farming properties, a cold storage packinghouse distribution centre in Sunraysia region and the marketing platform of Fruit Master Australia to complete the vertically integrated agribusiness model that could capitalise in one of the highest growth food chain industries currently available worldwide.

Today, Fruit Master Australia has grown significantly and proudly serves Woolworths as it’s key domestic customer of fresh table grapes within Australia, whilst also serving many leading distributors throughout Asia and other regions throughout the world.


Fruit Master Australia vision is built on the strong belief that trust and respect in every relationship has to be earned and shared. Fruit Master Australia holds a commitment and focus to always supply the very best in quality fresh fruit with the highest level of service that guarantees long term beneficial growth opportunities for all who deal with the company.

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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Fruit Master Australia staff operate as a dedicated team to ensure that the company’s on-going commitment and vision statement ‘to always strive to deliver consistent outstanding fresh fruit products and services to its customers worldwide” is delivered as a statement of fact to each and every customer. Fruit Master Australia is proud of its exceptional customer service and its ability to challenge and exceed customer expectations with every opportunity created.

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Management Team

Joe Lanteri
Executive Chairman & Executive Director
Domestic & Supermarket Sales Manager
National Operations Manager
Mobile: +6418502757

Brett Pickering
Export Sales Manager
Mobile: +6418502550

William Kefalianos
Chief Financial Officer
Mobile: +61409550838

Melbourne Markets Sales Manager
Christian Jones
Mobile: +61439193287

Kelly Wandel
Personal Assistant
Mobile: +6419517996

Micheal Lanteri
National Farms Operations Manager
Mobile: +61417398901

Joe Lanteri

Joe Lanteri

Brett Pickering

Brett Pickering