Programme management solutions such as storage, distribution and total supply chain processes are critical to ensuring the delivery of the freshest product on both a domestic and international level.
Fruit Master Australia’s cool chain distribution network ensures that ordered fresh fruit comes to you as fresh as the day it was picked and packed to customer’s specifications. By working in together with our growers and investing into our own growing operations Fruit Master Australia is able to secure the best produce for export to world markets at all times.

Fruit Master Australia employs stringent quality management systems and monitors that its accepted network of growers strictly adhere to HACCP accreditation regulations.

The Fruit Master Australia distribution centre in Sunraysia has cold storage warehouse facilities for over 2500 pallets. It utilizes complete cool room management systems for all fresh fruit being stored using a state-of-the-art, temperature monitoring system that provides for fully automated notification and update of pre-determined temperature settings. By this process, fruit is constantly monitored and kept to its peak condition from the date of picking to the date of delivery to customers.


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